Tel: +86-571-82705153

TEL: +86-571-82705153
ADDRESS:Yintong Building West Unit 2001 Room, Jincheng Road 1177, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China
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Our company started the business of weaving machinery and parts from 2008, we already exported machinery and parts all over the world, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh , Mexico , brazil, Peru , Iran, Usa, Columbia, Viat nam , Indonesia, Turkey. Mainly we deal the special loom: jute sacking loom, jute hessian loom, leno bag loom, fiber glass leno loom , fishing net loom, yashmegh loom, velvet loom . Projectile loom parts, rapier loom parts, shuttle loom parts, jaxquard parts, Airjet/waterjet loom parts.